Cocktail Nation 386 Glory Days Magazine

Kooper back for 2016 with show number 386 and lots more to come this year and some big announcements. To kick off our first show of the year we talk to the people behind a very cool vintage magazine that you just have to arrive in your mailbox plus we talk classic cars and their interesting characteristics.

Voodoo Organist-Martinis and Wet Bikinis
Tikiyaki Orchestra -Shaka Hula BossaNova
Jack Costanzo – Taboo
Tiki Lounge Crew Bongo Delic
Bill Evans Time Remembered
Jackie Gleason -I’ve Got A Crush On You
Jame Spencer -Night Tide
Martini Kings and Buddy Greco -Girl Talk
Joey Altruda -Remembering Jobim
O Som Du Jazz-Manha Alegre
Cal Trader What The World Needs Now
John Barry -Seance On A Wet Afternoon
Bobby Darin -Charade

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Champagne.

Join Koop Kooper for this special mid week edition of the Cocktail Nation as the Lounge Leader spins Cocktail Jazz from the Sydney Penthouse.

Each wednesday night the happy hour kicks off in the penthouse as we forget all about ISIS, gun control, high gas prices and all the other rubbish that goes on in the world.

so kick back and grab a martini and take in the view from the Penthouse with a good dose of Cocktail Jazz !

Octobop Girl Talk

Oscar Peterson Bags Groove

James Spencer NightFall

Jackie Gleason I love Paris

Lind Renaud -Sexe

Tiki Lounge Crew – In The Elevator

Tony Bennett-How Insensitive

Digital Streaming Is Killing Music

It’s a sad time for music right now in human history as the digital world grabs hold of the music industry.

From issues of royalty payments to artists, the shutdown of small internet radio stations due to high royalty costs  that are likely to kill these stations that support grass roots musicians and sadly this is leading to  the annihilation of the “music collection”.

You are probably surprised that I talk about the demise of the music collection as being a problem.

I was talking to a few people the other day who simply never buy music anymore. They stream it on applications like Pandora and Spotify, they actually don’t own record collections any more they simply believe that there is no point in owning a song because they probably won’t like the song in a few months anyway so why bother buying it and keeping it in a collection.

To me this terrible for the musician who went to all the trouble of creating this music that they believe will last a lifetime.

A musical collection  is more than just a bunch of records or a bunch of CDs, it’s literally the journey of your listening tastes throughout the years, something that you can look back on and remember how I felt at time.
Back in the 90s I was listening to rockabilly music and whilst I don’t really listen to it any more as I now dig Jazz, Lounge and Exotica but you know sometimes I put on those records and have a listen to them again and it’s amazing the memories that come flooding back .
The other part of it is that I find it hard to understand people who don’t have their own collections, to me it’s like they are like a freak of nature as most people want to show off their prized collection.

I personally take pride having a record collection CD collection because you can show it off a start but most importantly because it shows my dedication to the music that I love and my support of the musicians who create this music.

What does this mean for the future of music, well sadly for musicians they will make less and less money and will probably record less and less music as a result.

Music is not and should not be disposable and those who make it that way run the risk of making it dissolve completely .