Cocktail Nation 393-Classic Comedy Rodney Dangerfield

Cocktail Nation 393- Classic Comedy Of Rodney Dangerfield

Some classic comedy this week as we headback to the early days of the career of Rodney Dangerfield, I’ve got a fantastic new tv show for you to dig, a sale of a very cool palace,plus the passing of one of the most read authors of the 20th century.

Roland Remington -M’Gambo Mambo

Voodoo Organist- Chow Chow Cha Cha

Hugo Montenegro- Come Spy With Me


Oscar Peterson-You’d Be So Easy To Love

Suzy Bogguss-Straighten Up And Fly right

Dean Martin-Canadian Sunset

Tony Bennett -Dancing In The Dark

Wendy Pederson The Late Late Show

Mambo Zombies- Autumn In New York

Tiki Joes Ocean -Alegre

Ixtahuele-Searching For Souq

So Zentner-Fugitive Theme

Combustible Edison Spy V Spy

Billy May -Mission Impossible Theme

Spy Fi -Secret Agent Man

Les Baxter-City Of Veils.

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