Doris Day Is Turning 92: How the Enduring Hollywood Legend Plans to Quietly Celebrate Her Big Birthday

While her upcoming 92nd birthday on April 3 is a cause for celebration for her many fans, screen and song legend Doris Day plans to spend the day quietly surrounded by a few close friends and her beloved pets at her longtime home in Carmel, California. In her honor, the Doris Day Animal Foundation has organized a celebration called “Doris and Me” on April 2 at the Cypress Inn in Carmel. Although Day surprised friends and fans two years ago by unexpectedly attending her 90th birthday party, her first public appearance in nearly two decades, it’s unlikely she’ll attend this year. 
The party will feature performer Scott Dreier, who will sing some of Day’s greatest hits, along with Bernie Kopell from The Love Boat, who also costarred with the actress on The Doris Day Show. Brian Nash and Kym Karath, who played Day’s children in her 1963 comedy The Thrill of It All, are also expected to be at the party. 

Day, who’s in good health, spends her days taking long walks in the garden, tending to her dogs and occasionally surprising fans by making an appearance on her terrace, which overlooks the Quail Lodge Golf Course in Carmel. As she told PEOPLE two years ago, she enjoys occasionally indulging in a glass of wine (“Just one glass”) and her favorite – ice cream

“I feel young and I enjoy good and healthy things,” she told PEOPLE in 2014. 

“She’s in remarkably good health,” says her manager Bob Bashara. “She’s in good spirits, and she’s remarkably resilient.”
Story by Liz McNeil People Magazine  

Why Omega Won’t Launch A Smart Watch

Article by Matthew Drumond GQ Magazine 


Global boss of Omega, Stephen Urquhart, is one of the smartest watchmakers in the world. But when asked about the battle between mechanical watches and smart (or connected) watches he admits his reply sounds a bit stupid. 

“God gave us two wrists,” he tells GQ Australia. “If people want to have a connected watch, they can put it on one and have a beautiful mechanical watch on the other.”

Or put another way, the CEO and President of mighty Omega doesn’t feel any threat from smart watches, at least not yet. “I still think when anybody buys a good watch, the reason is emotional,” he tells GQ Australia.  Urquhart who started his career at Omega in 1968 and has been president there since 1999, is sticking to his knitting, creating mechanical pieces that keep time as perfectly as possible. While he’ll never say never, he says has no plans for Omega to join the connected watch trend.

The mood in Baselworld – the world’s biggest and glitziest watch fair – was a touch somber this year with sales for Swiss watches down, mostly due to expensive watches falling from favour in China and Hong Kong. Urquhart says the segments where Omega plays are thriving, but he admits to being a bit worried about the state of the world. “You’ve got terrorism in France, there’s massive immigration problems in Europe. There are a lot of problems around. At the end of the day watches are an emotional product. You have to be in a good frame of mind to make that step to buy one.”

Which is perhaps why watchmakers, more than ever, are riffling through their archives for inspiration from the legends and icons of their past. In Omega’s case that means the Speedmaster, the watch worn by Buzz Aldrin when he landed on the moon. What could be more legendary than that?
Omega’s new Speedmaster Moonphase features on many of the short lists of the best new watches on show at Baselworld 2016. It also picks up two of the big trends – moonphases and navy dials.  The bezel is made of blue ceramic with a liquid metal tachymeter. The dial is a sun-brushed blue with a couple of judiciously placed red highlights.  

The 44mm chronometer has 368 components and three subdials – one with a minute and hour recorder, one that shows the second hand and the date and the third showing the cycle of the moon. The moon, as ancient Egyptians figured out, has a cycle of 29.5 days, which is pretty hard to record in a watch designed for hours and dates. Somehow Omega makes that lunar cycle work so well it only needs to be adjusted once every ten years. To boot: the moon is drawn up from actual NASA maps and should you have a magnifier handy, you can spy Buzz Aldrin’s bootprint in the Sea of Tranquility.

“We had this cool idea of having the foot print,” Urquhart says. “It’s a great story, the Apollo mission. “No one is going to go around with a magnifier glass looking at the moon print. But it’s a tongue in cheek reminder of the story behind this watch.”

Urquhart started at Omega just a year before Buzz Aldrin’s landing. As President he’s ensured Omega is one of Switzerland’s best performing watch companies, helped by its association with events like the Olympics and James Bond 007. The brand is also making a virtue of its timepieces’ superior anti-magnetic properties and has worked with Switzerland’s government metrology institute, METAS, to create a new standard in watch-keeping, the Master Chronometer. Omega will release 62 new Master Chronometer watches in 2016 – the Moonphase among them – and the brand is on track to have all its watches certified by METAS by 2020. 

“We have to be consistent, that’s what people want in a world that’s a little bit scary, Urquhart says. “They want to be assured.”

Read the original story at GQ

A Saintly Volvo


Over the  weekend I checked out the Volvo P1800 car show here in Sydney. It was a small car show as they didn’t make that many of the Volvo roadster. That said it was fantastic to see these cars upclose …and to me, when you see a car like this it really makes you want one. The first time I saw the Volvo p1800 was in the Saint which starred Rodger Moore in the sixties.

The history of how the tv show got Simon Templar into the  car is quite interesting in that the producers approached both Jaguar and Aston Martin for a car but they both rejected the TV show. Thankfully Volvo was smart enough to embrace the idea which brought a huge amount of popularity to the car.

The Volvo Car Corporation supplied the “The Saint” television producers a total of five P1800 models for use on their show. Volvo happily supplied the first one in 1962, registered as 71 DXC, within a week of its being requested.


The Volvo sportscar project had started as early as 1957.

It was long thought to be designed by an Italian having been drawn up at the Pietro Frua design studio.

However, in 2009 Volvo admitted it was the work of Swedish sailor and yacht designer Pelle Petterson who was a student at the studio at the time.

Coincidentally he was the son of Volvo engineering consultant Helmer Petterson who battled for several years to have the vehicle produced.

The vehicle debuted at the Brussels Motor Show in 1960 and because of a lack of Volvo assembly line availability the Swedes turned to the British sportscar company, Jensen Motors, to build the sportscar.

However, quality control was not a strong suit of British industry at the time, so production was moved in 1963 to Gothenburg in Sweden and the model name was changed to P1800S with the added S standing for Sweden.

In 1970, the P1800E added fuel injection and a more powerful motor, and in 1972 a rather ugly P1800ES station wagon was added. Production ended in 1973.

Why do I like the  P1800? Well it was hi-tech for its time with fuel injection, four-speed manual with electronic overdrive, four-wheel disc brakes, a rear window demister and lap/sash seatbelts .

It’s also a very good looking car with very strong engine that has a reputation for just going and going!

Whilst rare, it’s also a very affordable sports car that is a real head turner…now my biggest issue is whether or not I have enough room to fit it in the garage!



Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-The Solitude Of The Apartment

Join Koop Kooper for this special mid week edition of the Cocktail Nation as the Lounge Leader spins Cocktail Jazz from the Sydney Penthouse.
Each wednesday night the happy hour kicks off in the penthouse as we forget all about High Lead Levels, Supreme court nominees and all the other rubbish that goes on in the world.

So kick back and grab a martini and take in the view from the Penthouse with a good dose of Cocktail Jazz !


Jackie Gleason-Ghost Of A Chance
George Shearing-The Days Of Wine And Roses
101 Strings-Maria Maria
Beverly Kenny -It’s Magic
Billy May-Cocktails For Two
Oscar Peterson-Dreamsville
Reg Owen-Ask Anyone Who Knows
Henry Mancini-The Windmills Of Your Mind
Beegie Adair-Love
Elmer Bernstein- Night Mood

Cocktail Nation 395 Modernism Week

This week broadcasting from north of Sydney in the city of Brisbane visiting friends and checking out the Redlands Rockabilly and Hot rod festival.
Good friend of the Cocktail Nation James Kraus stops by with a review of the recent Modernism week event. We talk some Batman and some interesting news from the world of Vinyl again this week plus the passing of a first lady.

Tikiyaki Orchestra- Return To Orchid Isle
Roland Remington- Baia
Les Baxter-Desilusao
Warren Barker -Flute Route
Dean Martin -Let Me Love You Tonight
Marlene Ver Planck- How Little We Know
Cal Tjader-Cool
Perry Beekman-The Lady Is A Tramp
Clouseaux -Kiss Of Ku
Barbara Levy Daniels-There Will Never Be Another You
Heather Rigdon -I Like My Coffee Black
Johnny Mandel- Letter Writing Sequence
Bill Evans Trio -Some Other Time
Marc Copeland -I Love Paris
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica- Dancing In The Dark

DSCN2930 (2)

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Good Friends, Good Times

Join Koop Kooper for this special mid week edition of the Cocktail Nation as the Lounge Leader spins Cocktail Jazz from the Sydney Penthouse.
Each wednesday night the happy hour kicks off in the penthouse as we forget all about silly celebrities and their twitter spats and all the other rubbish that goes on in the world.
so kick back and grab a martini and take in the view from the Penthouse with a good dose of Cocktail Jazz !

George Shearing and Ray Anthony- The Shadow Of Your Smile
George Shearing-Days Of Wine and Roses
Bert Kaempfert -Almost There
James Spencer-It’s A Blue World
Jackie Gleason -The Moonlight
Richard Hayman- Night Love
Paul Phillips-Tenderly
Henry Mancini-A Cool Shade Of Blue
Peggy Lee -Black Coffee

Cocktail Nation 394 Euro Spy Agente Logan – Missione Ypotron

Some Euro Spy action this week as Kramer swings by the penthouse and how would you like a brand new vinyl spinning jukebox for your pad! I’ll let you know how you can get your hands on one plus we talk about the demise of the Hat!

Voodoo Organist-Dry Martinis and Wet Bikinis
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Eden Awaits
The Sorrows- Ypotron
Spy Fi -Black Tie Spy
Holywood Film Music Orchestra- Alley Cats
Kenny Sasaki- Jill The Spy
Barbara Levy Daniels-There Will Never Be Another You
Bob Thompson-The Best Thing For You
Useless Playboys-Caravan
Machiniso -Hexotica
David Carbonara-The Men Of Sterling Cooper
Frank Sinatra -I’m gonna Live till I die
Tony Bennett-Pick Yourself Up
Jackie Gleason-If I Should Lose you
Les Baxter-Cairo Bazaar