Cocktail Nation 400 Femme Fatales

This week talking about those naughty girls of film, the gorgeous gals of film noir b grade world, you know the type, a whole lot of va va voom and knife in the other hand, I’m talking abou the femme fatales of film.
We talk classic cars and playboy MCM furniture for the bachelor pad
Tikiyaki Orchestra -Malaga Cove
Professor Cunningham -It Ain’t Necessarily So
Chaino -Voodoo
Project Pimento-Brazil
Perry Beekman-But Not For Me
Les Baxter -Shooting Star
Skip Heller-Mona Is Typing
Kenny Sasaki -Fly Me To The Island
Provocateur-My Eyes Danced
Pink Martini-But Now I’m Back
Royal Crown Revue-Deadly Nightcall
Roland Remington Babalu
Clouseaux -Reum With A View


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