Don’t Let the Robots Take Over The World

future-cars.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scale There’s been a lot of talk lately about driverless cars. We know that Google has been working on it, we know that Apple’s been working on it.I say let’s stop working on this stupid concept, sure everybody says you can’t stop progress that you, need to keep on innovating when it comes to technology but this is something that will literally destroy the working class of the world.

Now, I might sound a little bit like Bernie Sanders  but the reality is that Taxi,Uber,truck and courier drivers will lose their jobs.Today, as their always has been, there are a lot of people who drive for a living  and by taking this away from them we are literally going to plunge the world into a state of unemployment.

I have read  articles by Futurist writers who predict that by 2030 it will be illegal to drive a vehicle because,  as we all know,driving is a dangerous thing, infact, it could be argued that the easiest way to get killed is driving a vehicle.

Certainly I hope this day never comes because I just absolutely love driving and have loved driving ever since I got behind the wheel .Now when it comes to driving I also wonder why are people in such a hurry to simply get in the car like a drone and let the car driveway why what you want to do that do that don’t you just want to enjoy driving three this seems like basically taking the train now I can see how becoming handy if you have been out and had a few drinks and the car can drive you home then maybe it might be a great thing for the entertainment business .

Recently I posed the question of self driving cars on social media and some of the comments were quite interesting. It seems I’m not the only one with grave concerns including this one from Peter in Yorkshire who writes…“Ok, picture this: you’re travelling on a country road and an animal jumps out in front of you (while) a vehicle is travelling in  the opposite direction,” he wrote.“What action would an automated car make and what action would a human make? Would an automated vehicle veer into the oncoming vehicle OR ditch the vehicle off the shoulder of the road?”

Peter’s question illustrates the major dilemma facing developers of self-driving cars, which in turn prompted a paper by researchers at the Toulouse School of Economics on the ‘experimental ethics’ required before these vehicles can be released to the public.They surveyed several hundred people online and posed a number of scenarios – including one similar to the above where a car can either run into a group of people or swerve into a wall, badly injuring or killing the occupant

“On a scale from -50 (protect the driver at all costs) to +50 (maximize the number of lives saved), the average response was +24,” the researchers wrote.”Results suggest that participants were generally comfortable with utilitarian AVs, programmed to minimize an accident’s death toll.”

However, the responses changed in reaction to where the respondents metaphorically stood in the scenarios (in the car or on the street) along with the age of potential victims.The researchers further hypothesised on whether a driverless car’s decision-making would be legislated or if purchasers  could choose from different ‘levels’ of morality,thus raising the question of the owner’s level of responsibility for the car’s actions.

Another issue is the reliability of the technology that keeps self-driving cars on the road.“(What if) the idiots figure out what they have to do to make your car flinch then go around playing chicken with other peoples’ car because they know they can get away with it because the car is smart enough to miss them?” Tim of the Northern Beaches asked.

But researchers are generally agreed that roads dominated by self-driving cars would be safer than present and crashes would be less likely than if humans were driving once the technology had been developed to a reliable level.This leaves us with the question of human motivation –WHY? And what about the people and employment factor. Surely this has to considered by government before letting these things on the road.  Don’t let the robots take over.