New Codename Carter release and Party

Album Release Party on Saturday June 11 at Denver’s Hi-Dive with guests The Savage Blush and Best Creeps            DENVER, MAY 18, 2016 – May 25th will mark the vinyl & iTunes/Amazon release of the debut LP by rock quintet Codename: Carter, preceded by a new video and a media member album download. The album download is available immediately to reviewers, broadcasters, and podcasters. The video is publicly posted on YouTube.

Codename: Carter is an all-original Denver quintet combining spy/surf-style guitar with 1960s-spy-movie-influenced keyboards – along with vocals, brass, and rhythm section. All of the vintage instrumentation is wrapped in a very modern, and sometimes progressive, approach to songwriting.
Their self-titled album benefits from a year in the studio with engineer “Big Bad Bob” Ferbrache (Absinthe Studios of Denver), and from mastering by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles.
To celebrate the release of the album, Denver bands Best Creeps and The Savage Blush will take the stage with Codename: Carter on Saturday, June 11th. The three-band bash will begin at 9 PM at the Hi-Dive (7 South Broadway, Denver).
Upon the album’s May 25th release, music lovers will be able to buy the digital version via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many other outlets. They will be able to purchase the vinyl version from or from popular Denver record stores such as Twist & Shout.

Track listing                                                  

1. We’ll Make a New You

2. Perfect Clarity, Perfect Cut

3. Truth Serum

4. The Heist

5. Disappearance Four

6. Plain Sight

7. Muhamat’s Vault

8. Madame X-Ray

9. Time Bomb

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