Hugh Hefner saved the Hollywood sign!

When it comes to the  Hollywood sign’s history, only a few people have cared about it. What is now one of the greatest landmarks in Los Angeles and recognizable sign throughout the world, in the past was just an eyesore for the residents that just wanted to be torn down. Hugh Hefner was one of the few people who gave a damn about the sign and It took a public campaign to save it in the 70s



By the late 1970s, the wooden structure was really starting to disintegrate. Half the first “O” had splintered apart while the third “O” had completely crumbled.

Unprompted by the city, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner launched a fundraising campaign to replace the sign with something more sturdy. “Clearly the town had forgotten it, or it wouldn’t have been in such terrible disrepair,” in an interview about the sign. He eventually raised $250,000 to replace the wooden sign with one made from sheetmetal and steel.


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