Cocktail Nation SPECIAL-A Tribute To Jimmy Borges

Jimmy Borges, Hawaii’s gentleman of jazz, died Monday at age 80, having faced his recurring cancer with the same gutsy attitude that propelled him from hardscrabble Kalihi to the glittering stages of Las Vegas.

His velvety voice and charisma sustained Borges through 60 years on stage, but what struck listeners most is how the jazz and pops singer spoke to them through song.

Over the last two years I had the chance to speak with Jimmy Borges and I am so glad that I have been able to record these chats.

Certainly make sure you pick up a copy of this album, it truly is great and is a real keepsake and a constant memory of this great man who’s voice will continue forever.

Get Jimmy’s cd here

To Hear the Cocktail Nation TRIBUTE to JIMMY BORGES click here!!!

Luck Be A Lady
The most Beautiful Girl In The World
When I Fall In Love
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Here’s To Life



  1. Love the tribute show to Jimmy Borges. Also love you providing the twilight podcasts. Keep them coming! BTW, just listening to the The Quiller Memorandum podcast. The Codename Carter’s “Time Bomb” track sounds like it should be the song for a new James Bond film! Great stuff!


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