Cocktail Nation 407 The Quiller Memorandam


This week on the Cocktail nation it’s another Euro spy special as we take a look at a very cool spy flick called the Quiller Memorandum , new book that you need all about Les Baxter and swinging by the studio it’s, Cherry Capri with Dear Cherry as she talks about handling sick people

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Codename Carter-Time Bomb

Henry Mancini -Charade

Matt Monro-Wednesdays Child

Martini Kings-Enchanted Lovers

Nancy Sinatra -You Only Live Twice

Daniel Pemberton-The Vincinguerra Affair

Tiki Delights-Sandy Samba

Bobby Darin-After Today

Martini Kings-Dance Of the Virgins

Pedro Garcis Senjor Juez

Anita O’day and Cal Tjader-The Partys Over

Metropole Orchestra-Magic Is The Moonlight

Narco Lounge Combo- Caravan

Les Baxter-Bali Hai

Left Arm Of Budda-A Monkeys Affair

Bobby Fox-Mr Kicks

Tiki Lounge Crew Summer Sunset

The Third Wave-Waves Lament



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