Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Why Are People So Unkind

Join Koop Kooper for this special mid week edition of the Cocktail Nation as the Lounge Leader spins Cocktail Jazz from the Sydney Penthouse.
Each wednesday night the happy hour kicks off in the penthouse as we forget all about Terror, dodgy emails, double hung Parliaments and BREXIT plus all the other rubbish that goes on in the world.
so kick back and grab a martini and take in the view from the Penthouse with a good dose of Cocktail Jazz !

Listen to the show by clicking here!

Plas Johnson-Mean To Me

Cocktail Angst-Stalkers Night Out

Carol Fredette-You Better Go Now
Three Sounds -After Hours
Julie London- Boy From Ipanema
Diana Krall-Abandoned Masquerade
Larry Gelb-Persipitation

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