Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Paris Cocktails

Tonight a special show for our friends in Paris who have been going through some tough times of late.

Let’s forget about the problems and relax and think about the city of love

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Julie London-Lonely Nights In Paris

Les Baxter-La Femme

Dusty Trails- Est-ce Que Tu

Dimitri From Paris-Nothing To Lose

Serge Gainsbourg and Francoise Hardy-Cemment Te Dire Adieu

Sam Butera -I Love Paris

James Spencer-Pierrot Triste

The Mighty Accordian Band-April In Paris

Henri Rene-Petite Fleur  

Cy Coleman-Parisian Women

Nelson Riddle-C’est Magnifique

Jack Cooper-C’est Ci Bon

Les Baxter-Mon Amour

Dicky Doo And The Dont’s-Vive L’Amour

​Cocktail Nation Euro Spy-The Corrupt Ones

​The Spies are back again this week as we head back to 1968 to check out a cool Euro Spy movie with my good friend Kramer.
We talk about the state of Lounge, Cherry Capri stops by and we ask what you can do to help plus our World Of Swank gig guide


Alien Fashion Show-Oak Tree

Creepxotica-Incident At the Luau

Dusty Springfield-The Corrupt Ones

Tubby Hayes-Lady E

The Sharps-More

Exotik A Go Go- Big Bossa Man

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Supernova

Codename Carter-Plain Sight

John Coltrane-Like Sonny

Lionel Hampton-Vibraholiday

Don Tiki- Other Side Of The Moon

Piero Umiliani Crepuscolo Sul Mare

Frank Sinatra-Here’s That Rainy Day

Antonio Adolfo- Trem Da Serra

Jeanne Martin passes

Jeanne Martin, a model and Orange Bowl queen who became the wife of singer and actor Dean Martin during the height of his fame, died Wednesday after a battle with cancer at her Beverly Hills home, her family announced. She was 89.


After marrying Dean Martin in 1949, the pair were one of Hollywood’s most photographed couples. Matriarch of their large family, she gave birth to three of Dean’s children while raising four more from his previous marriage. Their breakup in 1969 caused nearly as much distress to Martin’s fans as his professional split with partner Jerry Lewis had in 1956.



“Dean’s viewers knew he was a good husband and father and the booze-and-broads jokes were just part of the act,” wrote Lee Hale in the 2000 book Backstage at the Dean Martin Show, having served as musical director for the NBC program.

Born Dorothy Jean Biegger on March 27, 1927, in Coral Gables, Fla., she went by Jeanne when she began modeling in Miami. She was voted Orange Bowl queen in 1947. A year later, she came to the Beachcomber Club in Miami to see a New Year’s Eve show starring Martin and Lewis.

Jeanne maintained she had never heard of either entertainer until that night. She told author Nick Tosches for a 1992 biography of Dean Martin that upon seeing him on stage, “We locked eyes and I knew. We just fell madly in love.”


Story from Hollywood Reporter

The Lounge Sound Needs You!

It was Principal McGee in the 1978 film Grease who uttered the words “If you can’t be a athlete, be an athletic supporter. And whilst we all had a chuckle, her line really does have great meaning for the Lounge scene.

Just recently I was having coffee with a friend who remarked to me that things seem really slow in the Lounge scene, both here and abroad and I have to admit that the last couple of years have seen less and less creativity come out of what was a very vibrant scene.

Thankfully we have some great people who do a lot of the heavy lifting and I won’t name names because for sure I will forget somebody, but my point is that whilst there are many who do a lot there are a lot of people who have incredible creative ability and yet don’t contribute. I am here to tell you, that you are needed. You truly are.

For those who aren’t necessarily creative I’d really like you to ask yourself the hard questions about your own talents. Perhaps you could be a promoter, maybe a manager of a band. For sure there is something you can do!

For all of us, regardless of whether you are a creator, producer or musician  I think what is very important is that we all support those who work to keep this scene alive.

Buy the music, buy the books, attend the shows and promote those who build your scene through your social media. Let’s make those we really dig famous. Let’s get them out from the shadows and out there.

If you love the Lounge sound then make sure you show it some love because it’s all about the music and the culture that we love that gives us so much in return.



Cocktail Nation 418 Tubby Hayes


Thanks to a listener of the Cocktail Nation who got in touch with me recently and asked for a Tubby Hayes special …well I have it for you and I am pleased that I did as this man is amazing so more on that soon. Cherry Capri has some good advice for us plus I will share a  recent vinyl purchases to share with you.

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Taboo

Jetset Sweden-A Man And A Woman

Tubby Hayes-Love Walked In

Jack Sheldon-Julie Is Her Name

The Sharps-The Odd Couple

Frank Sinatra-When No One Cares

Serge Gainsbourg- Ce Mortel Ennui

Piero Montanari-  Charlie’s Bounce

Don Ralke-Zulu Magic

John Coltrane-Exotica

Bambino-OSS 117

Mancini-Experiment In Terror

Billy May Hernando’s Hideaway


​Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse -A Funny Week

Midweek relaxing time in the Sydney Penthouse.Each week cocktail jazz to soothe the Savage Beast!
Tony Bennett-Dearly Beloved

Henry Mancini -Champagne and Quail

Dinah Washington Cry Me A River

Carlini World Of Strings-Plasir D’mour

Lionel Hampton-The Nearness Of You

Mantovani -As Time Goes By

Percy Faith -Out Of This World

Stan Getz-Wives And Lovers

James Spencer-Romancing Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason-Little Girl

Larry Gelb -Suddenly It’s Spring

Cocktail Nation Evenings At the Penthouse-The Horror

Relaxing in the Penthouse and attempting to get away from Donald, Hillary and the Olympics.
The curtains have been closed on the south sea of China and all other distractions shut out as we turn off the beepity beeps from the phone and relax with some Cocktail Jazz!
Nicole Witt-I Like My Coffee Black
The Sharps-Besame Mucho
James Spencer-Play It Again
Jackie Gleason-That Certain Party
Jeff Denson Quartet-Time Waits For No One
Oscar Peterson-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
John Coltrane-Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
Martini Kings-So Danca Samba
Milt Raskin-Blue Eyes
Janice Borla Group-Midnight Voyage
David Carbonara -Agua De Beber
Art Blakey-Moanin