Cocktail Nation Evenings At the Penthouse-The Horror

Relaxing in the Penthouse and attempting to get away from Donald, Hillary and the Olympics.
The curtains have been closed on the south sea of China and all other distractions shut out as we turn off the beepity beeps from the phone and relax with some Cocktail Jazz!
Nicole Witt-I Like My Coffee Black
The Sharps-Besame Mucho
James Spencer-Play It Again
Jackie Gleason-That Certain Party
Jeff Denson Quartet-Time Waits For No One
Oscar Peterson-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
John Coltrane-Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
Martini Kings-So Danca Samba
Milt Raskin-Blue Eyes
Janice Borla Group-Midnight Voyage
David Carbonara -Agua De Beber
Art Blakey-Moanin

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