The Lounge Sound Needs You!

It was Principal McGee in the 1978 film Grease who uttered the words “If you can’t be a athlete, be an athletic supporter. And whilst we all had a chuckle, her line really does have great meaning for the Lounge scene.

Just recently I was having coffee with a friend who remarked to me that things seem really slow in the Lounge scene, both here and abroad and I have to admit that the last couple of years have seen less and less creativity come out of what was a very vibrant scene.

Thankfully we have some great people who do a lot of the heavy lifting and I won’t name names because for sure I will forget somebody, but my point is that whilst there are many who do a lot there are a lot of people who have incredible creative ability and yet don’t contribute. I am here to tell you, that you are needed. You truly are.

For those who aren’t necessarily creative I’d really like you to ask yourself the hard questions about your own talents. Perhaps you could be a promoter, maybe a manager of a band. For sure there is something you can do!

For all of us, regardless of whether you are a creator, producer or musician  I think what is very important is that we all support those who work to keep this scene alive.

Buy the music, buy the books, attend the shows and promote those who build your scene through your social media. Let’s make those we really dig famous. Let’s get them out from the shadows and out there.

If you love the Lounge sound then make sure you show it some love because it’s all about the music and the culture that we love that gives us so much in return.



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