Cocktail Nation-The Sharps

I’ve got another really cool new band for you this week called the Sharps out of Vegas, Cherry Capri has the good advice plus some cool new stories on the cocktail nation magazine, we’ll check out a really cool central place to find your threads.


Tikiyaki 5-0- Taboo

Exotik A Go Go Go-In The Lounge Of The Tiki Kon

The Sharps-Summer Samba

Chris Haden Quartet -Angel Face

Tiki Lounge Crew-Martini Sunset

Don Tiki-Pyjama Tops

Howard Roberts-Girl Talk

George Dunning-Moonglow

Naughty Ones-I Dig Your Voodoo

Voodoo Organist-Stomp That Bug

Martini Kings-Swingin Shepherd Blues

Les Baxter-Moon Moods

Nutty-The Boys Are Back In Town

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