Cocktail Nation Twilight show-Beatniks

This week on the show we don our black skivies, tight jeans and beret as we live the Beatific life and talk to the host of a Beatnik webpage and podcast about beat music and beat culture, we’ll find out about the best in lounge awards from loungeratti in New York, news of a tiki bar in Vancouver, there’s our segment ask koop tackling mail fraud and our look at the world of swank.
Janet Seidel- Moonglow
Martini Heaven-Tango Zingo
Les Baxter-I Dig
Antonio Carlos Jobim- Surfboard
Pink Martini-And Then Your Gone
Clouseaux- Walking from Juarez
Chaino-Zombie Bamboos
Sally Street- AlphaMale
Martini Kings-Nothin But Time
Buddy Morrow-Night Train
Spy Fi-Wave
Shagxotica- Blue Scooter
Jackie Gleason- I Can’t Get Started
The Three Suns-Twilight Time
Mancini- Cha Cha Cha for Gia


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