Where is Koop ?

As many of my listeners know, I just finished writing and have recently published my new book Swank Advice.

Well after many nights in front of a typewriter and candle I was physically exhausted so I decided to take off to Fiji for a break. I’m currently sitting poolside as I write this blog .

What an amazing country full of friendly people who as you pass them by will call out “Bula” which seems to be a version of Aloha. Interestingly, just like Hawaiians who call their shirts “Aloha” shirts the Fijians call their shirts “Bula” shirts.

The comparisons between Hawaii and Fiji are not lost on me and for Tiki fans it’s a wonderful journey into Polynesian culture. Here are two examples of Tiki. Below is a Tiki from the Black Marlin bar and wonderful Polynesian convention center.

If you haven’t been to Fiji then I thoroughly recommend it and for venues might I suggest the Shangrila Hotel because it really is an amazing resort and one that gives back to the local community.

Fiji is primarily an agrarian village based society and is probably one of the best examples of the island lifestyle which, whilst the people seem poor by Western standards one certainly notices that the people are some of the happiest in the world and you can’t help but question your own consumerist lifestyle.

One of the things I found fascinating was the history of the island and the role of the missionary in moving the Fijians out of a cannibal life. They are a people who embrace their past and are hopeful for the future.

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