Cocktail Nation Twilight Show-MCM Homes

This we find out about mid century modern homes in Portland and a lady who sells them.

There’s a book about collectible kitchy stuff, our world of swank and a cool blog in the blogoshphere. It’s the cocktail nation bringing the world of swank to your living room.
Martini Kings-Days of Wine and Roses

Kenny Sasaki-Slow Dancer

Tiki Joes Ocean-Haleiwa

Under the Midnight Sun

Dexter Gordon- The Shadow of Your Smile

DJ Bonebrake- Abstract

HB Radke- Baby Skye

Les Baxter-Venzuela

Jackie Gleason-The House Is Haunted

Hugo Montenegro—Perfidia

Duke Ellington- Flirtibird

Pink Martini-Tea For Two

Ernestine Anderson- My Kinda Love

Spy Fi-Then Play Down

Tak Shindo – High Noon



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