Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse –  Yabba Dabba Do

​Yesterday I made the mistake of watching the Presidental debate. It caused me to fall asleep on the couch for two hours and I wasted valuable time that could have been spent writing my next book. I am angry with both candidates now. Lucky for them I can’t vote in this stupid election! 

Let’s kick back instead with more productive ventures in that of Cocktail Jazz. 

The Sharps-Flintsones Theme

Dee Bridgewater- YouKali

Antonio Adolfo-All The Things You Are

Wendy Pederson-It Aint Necessarily So

Tony Bennett-Fly Me To The Moon

Jackie Gleason-Deep Purple

Bill Evans-My Funny Valentine

Aaron Diehl -Le Tombeau de couperin

James Morrison-My Beautiful

Larry Gelb-If My Life Were Pleasant

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