Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-A Night Time DJ


I’ve always thought that some of the best radio comes from the crazy night time DJ, the crazy callers and the odd hours seem to bring some of the best and most interesting broadcasting as a strange man sits in a darkened studio, a quiet radio station with nobody around tends to bring a unique kind of creativeness and some interesting music!

Liberace -Night Song
Alessandro Alessandroni-Italian Sunset
Denis Sole-All Of You
Leif Shires- Tenderly
Mason Embry Trio-Gone With The Wind
Dave Flippo Trio-It Might As Well be Spring
Daphna Levy-Gentle Rain
Oscar Peterson-Summertime
Jackie Gleason-If He Walked Into My Life
David Huntsinger-Cheek To Cheek
Jack Jezzro-Night And Day
Don Bennett-Euphoria
Dexter Gordon -Ghost Of A Chance



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