Cocktail Nation Carole Lombard: Twentieth-Century Star

On the show this week a new book on the Tragic life of Hollywood star Carole Lombard. We take a brief look at the life of  Florence Henderson and Fidel Castro who both just passed away. We have some gigs for you with the World  Of Swank gig guide plus swank advice on the importance of ironing your clothes.

Tom Gaebel-The Cat

Marcos Valle-So Nice

Bill Irwin -Desert Sands

Quincy Jones -The In Crowd

Alex Khaskin-Bond The Spy

Ixtahuele-Temple Of The Snake God

Mongo Santamaria -Silent Island

Michel Magne -Tropical

Narco Lounge Combo-My Night With Sinatra

Gary Peacock -When I Fall In Love

The Sharps-Tenor Madness

Lars Gullin -Icarus On The Moon


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