Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse -Wondering Why

​It’s summer here in Sydney, storms are rolling in from the west as we sit on the balcony looking out to see and waiting for that first crack of thunder as we relax with some cocktail jazz.

click here to listen 
Jackie Gleason -I Can’t Get Started


Kurt Rosenwinkle -You Go To my head

Chick Corea-My one And Only Love

The Sharps-From Russia With love

Les Baxter-Les Levres

Lionel Hampton-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

101 Strings-I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Octobop-Beautiful Love

Art Blakey -Come Rain Or Shine

Leif Shires-Tenderly

Duke Elington -In  A Sentimental Mood

Tom Graf -Changes

Larry Gelb-Persipitation

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