Cocktail Nation 431 -Euro Spy-Danger Diabolik


Kramer is back for the last time this year and finishes off his Euro Spy specials with the film Danger Diabolik. There’s Swank advice about Being on Time and we find out why old Hollywood had a different sound.

Tom Gaebel-Music To Watch Girls By

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Exotique

Ennio Morricone-Deep Down

Stan Kenton -Artistry in Bossa

Mancini-It Had Better Be Tonight

Ixtahuele-Lagoon Of Dreams

Waitiki-China Fan

Don Tiki-Other Side Of The Moon

Durval Ferreira-Estamos Ai

Piero Umilani -Creupuscolo Sul Mare

Out Of Abingdon-Three piece Suit

Aaron Diehl- Le TombeauDe Couperin

Cal Trader- A Night In Tunisia


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