Cocktail Nation Twilight Show -Monuments Men

​​Talking movies this week as we cover the George Clooney film “The Monuments Men”, a great World War Two thriller. A book on Frank Sinatra you need in your library and maybe you should keep it on your nightstand. Plus an interesting story in the mainstream news that has thrust lounge and burlesque into the public eye.

The Useless Playboys – Caravan 

Joe Pass – El Gento 

Greg Arthur – More And More 

Si Zentner – M Squad Theme 

The Left Arm Of Budda – The Coco Serenade 

David Rose – Like Young 

Martini Kings – You Only Live Twice 

O Som Do Jazz – Secret Paradise 

Trudy Pitts – Take Five 

Jack Jones – Fly Me To The Moon 

Robert Hicks – They All Laughed 

Aaron Diehl – Epilogue 

Nutty – Rhumba With The Devil 

Stacy Kent – This Happy Madness

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