Cocktail Nation Twilight Show- A Retro Vodcaster

On the show this week we talk to a Vodcaster, a kind of retro Betty Crocker. We have some mail from Cocktail Nation listeners, our look at the world of Swank and our segment Ask Koop, this week talking about people who interupt your newspaper quiz. There’s news of an origional bachelor pad in LA and some news about Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
Royal Crown Revue-Walkin Like Brando 
Metrolites-Man From Metro 
Tiki Joes Ocean-Jingle Bells 
The SG Sound Satellite Feeding 
Mel Torme-Midnight swinger 
Mancini- Experiment in Terror 
Stolen Idols-On Tonga Shores 
Xavier Cugat-La Dolce Vita S
ally Street -Alpha Male 
Monty Kelly- Tropicana 
Jackie Gleason – Moonlight Becomes You
 Octobop-Girl Talk 
Arthur Lyman Group-Caravan  

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