Lounge Music Preservation Project Launched




Today I launched my Lounge Music Preservation Project as I am very concerned that as Lounge Leader …. one day I won’t be around and that the Lounge scene will suffer and not continue into the future. Therefore I have decided that I will need to cryogenically preserve my body so that one day I can return and bring the lounge back to the world.



That is ofcourse dependant upon whether  or not the robots take over. The cost of cryogenics is relatively small at $90000 which I am happy to pay. However I am concerned that should I return in 100 years that I may be poor due to the fact that I will awake with no job and depleted savings. Therefore I am putting together this crowdfunding project to help me to raise One Million dollars which I will use to purchase Gold Bullion and Diamonds as I believe this will be the only investment which will pay off in the future.

I hope that you can can assist me to time travel and save the Lounge and Exotica scene.


Come support the Lounge Music Preservation Project

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