Swank Advice-Cologne

There’s nothing better than a great cologne to give a man confidence when he walks in the room.  I believe that a man should own at least two colognes. I suggest you choose one expensive “out on the town” fragrance and a less expensive (not cheap) daily fragrance.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best value out of your fragrance.

• Avoid “splashing” your cologne. It will really overpower you and everyone in your vicinity.

• If you are applying cologne from a regular bottle, take one finger and press it against the opening of your bottle, and then tip it over gently.

• Apply to these main points: inner wrists, behind the ears, or near the neck glands. Don’t try to use it randomly over your body, but just two or three points that you personally find best.

• Apply to your chest. The scent will last longer as it will be covered by your clothing and chest hair.

• Don’t spray the cologne into the air and then walk through the mist, letting it settle on your hair and shoulders. It’s bad idea because most of it actually settles on the floor and only small percentage ends up on you.

• Spray cologne from a distance of around 15 centimeters (5-6 inches) from your skin.

• Be sure not to rub the skin after you spray or dab on your cologne. This is said to alter the scent significantly.

• Your fragrance will last longer on an oily skin so it’s a good idea to apply moisturizer or some other unscented oily applicant before applying cologne.

• Make your fragrance last longer by using a coordinating shower gel or soap by the same brand, and an unscented aftershave and moisturizer so there’s no competition with your scent.


Cocktail Nation 440- Spyvibe Dangerman


For 2017 we kick off with a new segment in a partnership with spyvibe website with Jason Whiton. There’s swank advice on mens cologne… a horror crash for a classic car driver


Four Piece Suit-Shooting The Breeze

Martini Kings-Nylon Jungle

David Rose-The Runway

Hugo Montenegro-A Martini Built For Two

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy -Cruel Spell

Nick Perrito -Miserlou


Jack Costanzo-Latin Fever

The Sharps-Besame Mucho

David Carbonara-A Beautiful Mine

Astrud Gilberto-Girl From Ipanema

Dave Brubeck -Give A Little Whistle

Cocktail Nation and Spy Vibe New Partnership for 2017

Kicking off this weekend Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation radio show have joined forces with Sixties Spy Website Spy Vibe. The man behind Spy Vibe is Jason Whiton who will be providing his knowledge and music collection each month to the Cocktail Nation listeners as we talk spy flicks!

Spy Vibe: 1960s Style in Action! Your secret lair for Cold War pop culture, design, and well-dressed adventure. Nearing Two Million visitors! Jason Whiton is an award-winning artist and writer who has spent his life in the US and Japan. His work has been published in Rolling Stone and USA Weekend, and has been recognized by the Nicholl Fellowships (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), PBS, Sundance, and others. His most recent piece is a Yoko Ono re-mix and accompanying experimental film. Hermes Press will publish his Spy Vibe book in 2018. He is currently shopping his first novel, MIKI ZERO, which features a Japanese female spy in 1965. Jason teaches art in San Francisco. More at spyvibe.com and jasonwhiton.com.


Swank Advice- Umbrella Etiquette

Ever been collected by a rude person with an umbrella, ain’t nothin more frustrating right! Well don’t accidently be one of those people with these Swank Advice tips!

The most important thing to remember is that umbrellas expand your personal space. You need to be aware that you’re taking up more room, and act accordingly. Don’t try and barge past groups of people while carrying an umbrella; someone will get injured. Ditto if you suddenly decide to open a large umbrella on a busy street corner. And above all, remember that people who are taller than you can get hit in the face or stabbed in the cornea by your umbrella. You staying dry is not more important than whether the tall dude standing next to you keeps his eyesight.
1950s sexy man (3)

The second thing to remember is that you might not be wet, but your umbrella probably is. Don’t dump it on the seat next to you on the bus or train; that’s effectively rendering the seat useless for other people. Even if you’re holding on to it, bear in mind that it can easily drip water onto other people. It’s not difficult to take a plastic bag with you so you can wrap up your umbrella when it’s not in use. Failing that, put it on the floor. It’s already wet and dirty, so who cares that it’s down there?

If you’re on public transport. don’t hang it over the back of the seat in front; it’ll dig into the person sitting in that seat. If you regularly take buses or trains, a golf-sized umbrella is generally a bad idea.

The third thing to remember is that not everyone else has an umbrella, and that people  want to get out of the rain quickly. The fact that you have an umbrella is not an excuse to linger dazed, especially when waiting to cross the street.

Finally, if you’re grabbing your umbrella from a stand at a shop or restaurant, remember that umbrellas look alike, so check to make sure you have the right one. And don’t be a Charlie thief and grab the one you wish was yours instead.