Cocktail Nation and Spy Vibe New Partnership for 2017

Kicking off this weekend Koop Kooper and the Cocktail Nation radio show have joined forces with Sixties Spy Website Spy Vibe. The man behind Spy Vibe is Jason Whiton who will be providing his knowledge and music collection each month to the Cocktail Nation listeners as we talk spy flicks!

Spy Vibe: 1960s Style in Action! Your secret lair for Cold War pop culture, design, and well-dressed adventure. Nearing Two Million visitors! Jason Whiton is an award-winning artist and writer who has spent his life in the US and Japan. His work has been published in Rolling Stone and USA Weekend, and has been recognized by the Nicholl Fellowships (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), PBS, Sundance, and others. His most recent piece is a Yoko Ono re-mix and accompanying experimental film. Hermes Press will publish his Spy Vibe book in 2018. He is currently shopping his first novel, MIKI ZERO, which features a Japanese female spy in 1965. Jason teaches art in San Francisco. More at and