Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-A Private Man

Koop goes on rant this week about how he doesn’t care about the death of your cat, who you think is a racist and he certainly does not care to see what you ate for dinner tonight.

Join the lounge lothario Koop Kooper as he stands up on a wooden soapbox and cries out to the world ….leave me alone and stop sharing details of your pathetic life on social media!

Wow, someone has really upset him this week!  Sounds like this man needs some relaxing cocktail jazz!


Leith Stevens-Private Blues
Alex North-Lust
Bill Evans-My man’s Gone Now
Three Suns-Fly Me To The Moon
Dan Cray Trio-Moon River
Steve Allee Trio-Somewhere
Jetset Sweden-A Man And A Woman
Les Baxter-Afternoon Affair
Fred Fried-Where Notes May Lead
Jackie Gleason -Jo Anne
Diana Krall-Besame Mucho
James Morrison-Girl Talk