Cocktail Nation 447- Tiki Caliente


Another tiki event to talk about this week with Tiki Caliente coming up so Rory Snyder stops by for a chat..swank advice on what to do when your boss wants to add you as a friend on Facebook and our look at the World of Swank

Nutty-Purple Panther

Karen Souza-Creep

Herbie Mann-Fever

Martini Kings- Zou Bisou Bisou

Steve Slagle-Viva La Familia

Buddy Greco Sempre amore

Christina Bragga -Samba Triste

Enoch Light -Mambo Jambo

Jerry Costanzo-Penthouse Serenade

Codename Cater-Time Bomb

Tikiyaki Orchestra -Taboo

James Bond Sextet-Moonraker

Project Pimento Charade