Cocktail Nation -Music For Cocktail

Talking Music and Cocktails with our drinks man Justin Christaldi, in Swank advice we talk foreign customs and I have a cool cable show from a friend of the show for you
Angelo Badalamenti-Freshly Squeezed

Eight To The Bar -Rhumba Queen

Martin Denny Martinique

Jesse Belvin and the Marty Paich Orch -What’s New

Frank Sinatra-That Old Feeling

Frank Bennett-Black Stick

Tony Bennett-The Best Is Yet To Come

Steve Slagle-Inception

Piero Piccioni-Spiral Waltz

Jetset Sweden-The Master

Perry Beekman -This Can’t Be Love

Dan Cray Trio -Moonriver

Bobby She-Bags Groove

Les Baxter- Cairo Bazaar