Swank Advice- Speaker Phones


WE were all taught that it’s rude to whisper in public but there’s a digital age discourtesy which is causing angst and people are venting about it. You would not believe how many emails I receive about this issue.

Listening to speakerphone conversations in public can be extremely annoying and its  actually an invasion of personal space.

I don’t  believe people go out of their way to be bad mannered by using a speakerphone in public but it is a reflection of how technology has changed society’s values and habits.

The reality is that it’’s all part of the me, me, me, I’m a star society that we live in right now.

Now, there may be reasons why people prefer to activate a speaker than press a mobile phone against their head, but that still doesn’t make it right to annoy or frustrate those within earshot, especially on public transport.

People might be on speaker because they are conscious about microwave signals … because they are worried about their health but the reality is that they are forgetting other people are around them

It’s invading our own personal space and that’s the problem. The more you continue to communicate in your own little world the more you offend others.

The simple answer is use headphones