Swank Advice-Getting The Waiters Attention


There is nothing worse than being at a restaurant and seeing someone flapping their arms around, you’re not sure if they are planning to take off or if they think they are a chicken!

So here’s the rub, these guys actually know what they are doing, intact it’s important when it comes to tips that they do know that they are doing, so trust me, you don’t need to be that obvious!

Waiters at restaurant know their job and know what tables they are looking after. That’s why they are always passing by your table without disturbing you to predict what you will need in next few minutes, thus ensuring a good tip!

But if something comes unexpected then just keep patient for minute or two. And eye contact with that particular waiter or any other waiter will work for you.

Also it is good habit to call by name if you have noticed his name on his name badge. Thats why name badges are for!