Swank Advice- Five Style Tips For Men


One of the many great things about being a man is that it’s easy to cultivate great style, simply and that it’s not that expensive to get it right. The other great thing is that for men, the classic look just works so very well. I believe that the classic look for men, a look that takes from people like Cary Grant, Rock Hudson and others is truly evergreen.

So today, five simple tips that will make you swank with very little effort.

1/Get everything adjusted.

If you have ever worn a tailor made, custom suit you will know how good it is and one of the reasons for this is that it has been fitted for your body. This is where the simple trick of getting clothing adjusted makes perfect sense. If you purchase a new shirt or a pair of trousers, take them down to your local tailor or seamstress and get them to make some subtle adjustments. It will make the world of difference/

2/Wear a pocket square.

Any time you’re wearing a jacket. No exceptions. I encourage you to do some research into the different folds you can create to form an original looking pocket square.

Pocket squares also add another dimension to your jacket and can actually make it look like different jacket from your ensemble.

3/ Cary Grant is your new clothing idol

Watch any movie of his and work his style into your fashion tool kit.

4/Invest in a really nice suitcase and briefcase

Your luggage is part of your style. Just like jewellery your luggage says a lot about you. It’s all about putting all the pieces together to create an image that is well thought out, cultured and connected.

5/ Always dress like you have something going on.

Look like a guy who has got plans, is possibly heading out to dinner, a show or nightclub, because, hey …maybe you are?