Why I Dig Bond

Recently I was asked why I am so interested in a film that is not in the period asthetic of the fifties and sixties.
That is a good question, infact some might argue that the only good Bond is Connery and perhaps they are right.
But here’s the deal. I dig the concept of Bond, I’ve always like the concept of the Lounge Lothario spy, the man who dresses well, 

nice cars and has a high degree of cool that is combined with a player mentality of winning friends and taking chances in life.

To me, the Bond franchise has kept this tradition alive through out the 24 films.

The Bond of today is just as cool as sixties Bond, but hey that’s just me.
Sure Bond has been updated, he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t sleep around as much as he did, but I will always by a ticket to the Bond show!