Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Always Getting Lost

Koop has a little problem..he’s constantly getting lost. He has zero sense of direction and it frustrates all of his friends. Luckily he has an iphone otherwise there is a good chance he would be homeless.

Most importanly he has to get home to produce the Cocktail Nation radio show and ofcourse he has to be able to unwind at the end of the day with you!

Charlie Shavers Quartet-Out Of Nowhere

Bobby Darin -I Believe In You

Gilberto and Jobim-Girl From Ipanema

Miles Davis-Will Of The Wisp

Mel Torme-The Second Time Around

Frank Sinatra -Stars Fell On Alabama

Nat King Cole-Blue Gardenia

Roger Williams -Alfie

Tiki Delights-Swank

Bradley Young -My Funny Valentine

Dolores Grey -You Go To My Head

James Spencer -Columbine

Stan Getz-Lionel Hampton-Louise

Tony Bennett-I Left My Heart In San Francisco