Swank Advice-The Ding

Sit in a doctors waiting room, a hospital, or on a quiet train and you will hear a very annoying sound…no, it’s not people talking 

loudly, its the ding of an iPhone.
Now I know I have rallied time and time again about mobile phone etiquette but this one is a little different, I don’t mind if 
your phone goes off when you get a text message, but do you know what is really annoying…when people carry on a text 

message conversation and don’t switch it to silent resulting in every exchange being followed by a ding.

 To me it’s almost like Chinese water torture.

What I don’t understand, is how this doesn’t  annoy the user as much as it annoys everybody else who also have the added 

irritation that if they have the same sms alert that they will keep wanting to look at their own device…rule of thumb…if you get a 

text message and you are in a quiet room type scenario, quickly switch it to silent and carry on from there.

Note to the CIA, feel free to use this as a torture technique for suspected terrorists…I have a feeling it will work.