Vale Janet Seidel

I was saddened to read of the passing of Lounge singer Janet Seidel. I first heard her music in a little tea room in Chiltern, Victoria back in 2005.

Clearly the lady who ran the tea room was a big fan as the music of Janet Seidel played there all afternoon and was still playing when I returned a month later. It was here I discovered her marvellous album “The Art Of Lounge”.

Years later I had the pleasure of seeing her perform her Doris Day show at the Cremorne theatre and she was simply marvellous. A Fantastic performer who was also a lovely lady in person as I discovered when interviewing her for the Cocktail Nation radio show.

Indeed she will be missed. Below is a statement from her family.

We are devastated to announce that Janet has passed away. She received a sudden diagnosis last October after returning from several months touring overseas.
A life’s work in music seemingly slips away in a flash, with so much potential only partly fulfilled in this one life, well lived but now cruelly cut short.
She faced the situation with her usual fortitude and courage, continuing to work – performing and teaching and touring despite setbacks necessitated by the treatment.
Until very recently she was swimming every second day, often traversing Coogee Bay! Those who attended some of her last concerts found her performances better than ever.
Though not a TV star or Pop idol, she had fans world wide, who collected all her recordings and would travel from far and wide to hear a live performance.
Never easily categorised, but instantly recognisable for her unique refined vocal tone and pared down phrasing, her style evolved to capture the essence of every song she brought to life.
Janet will be so very much missed by many – family, friends, musicians and music fans, and especially by us – having spent the best part of 15 years recording and touring the world together.
Janet died quietly in her sleep with close family by her side.
Her wish was no flowers please, but donations to Medecins Sans Frontieres would be welcome.
Much Love,
Chuck and David