Swank Advice – Returning Calls and Writing Back

For some strange reason, and I guess it’s because people seem to think they are a star on social media, today nobody seems to  want to write back, call back or follow back anybody.
I find it increasingly frustrating that people refuse to acknowledge correspondence.

To me it’s simple good manners to reply, and that is because the person took the time to write to you.

Recently I watched a TV show here in Sydney called the Other Guy, it was fantastic I really enjoyed the series, I watched the entire series and enjoyed it so much that I wrote to the man who stared in and produced the show  to say how much I enjoyed his production and the other reason I wrote to him to was encourage him as he is an Australian comedian who I think is very talented and I wanted him to know that I thought his creation was amazing.
The comedian is Matt Okine and I truly think that he is amazing, but what is not amazing about him is  his acknowledgment of fans who write to him.

I wrote to him via his website, and thought that some point he would write back with a simple “thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it”, but no, there was no response.

Now I understand he is a big star who would receive lot of correspondence but I personally think it’s a simple touch that in this day and age that really means something.

When I first got into radio I heard about the number one AM broadcaster in Sydney called Alan Jones, and I read that he writes back to every single person who communicates with him. He is a man who has millions of listeners every single day and yet he can take the time to write back.
It was this inspiration in my early days of being a Radio personality that I decided to do this very same act of writing back to every single person.
So if you write to me on the Cocktail Nation radio show, I guarantee you that I will write back to you. Simply because I value the fact that you choose to enjoy my creation, and without fans all I would be doing is building radio show for myself, and that would be pointless.

Even in dealing with business related to the radio show I find often people will not respond, And it’s very very frustrating.

Everybody says they’re busy as if this is some sort of excuse to not take out two minutes of your day to respond on the device that you carry with you in your pocket.

I know this will never change as it is sadly the way we operate now but I certainly encouraged you to think about responding to people  who take the time to write to you  because they want to do business with you, perhaps it’s because they like your product, or just simply like you, and your acknowledgement says thank you.

So next time somebody takes the time to write to you, whatever the reason, just jump on your device and write a simple thank you, it doesn’t need to be long, just write a thank you.