Cocktail Nation 466 -Another Story

Some new music this week from Brisbane lounge band Out Of Abingdon, we take a look at the passing of playboys Hugh Hefner and we look at some JFK files that are due to be released

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Night Of The Jaguar

Tiki Torches-Miserlou

Out Of Abingdon-What Kind Of Life

Lynn Stanley-How Insensitive

Hugo Montenegro- Malaguena

Mancini-Playboys Theme

Bob Ferrell-Yardbird Suite

Jetset Sweden-Music To Watch Girls By

Alex Khaskin- Austen Powers

Roland Remington- M’gambo Mambo

David Rose-The Runaway

June Christy-The Merriest

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Frenesi