New Sponsor Joins Cocktail Nation

I’m pleased to announce that The Hartmann Company has joined forces with the Cocktail Nation bringing their quality men’s products to Cocktail Nation listeners. Simply use the code name Koop when ordering to receive a discount of 10%.

The Hartmann Company began in 2016 after unsuccessfully searching for products that wouldn’t clog or dry out the hair & skin, as well as feeling stuck & stiff without being able to re-shape throughout the day.

After months of research and testing The Hartmann Company was founded and The Hartmann Company has put the foundation of grooming products in Hartmann’s Hair Cream and Hartmann’s Hair Tonic, they choose to make these products instead of pomade, because pomades were not as popular in the 1930s and 1940s or even the 50s as some may have it to believe, Hartmann wants to stay true and classic to the culture,  offering the best products for your confidence, style and health.

From music to clothing to movies and grooming they know it’s a lifestyle, because they live the lifestyle too! and that is why The Hartmann Company was created, to help bond and meld together the Golden Age around the world and to help continue its growth and duration.