Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Suede Is A Funny Thing

Suede is a funny thing. It’s rough, but soft… Is strong, but quiet… It doesn’t wrinkle and it doesn’t crack…

And it doesn’t stand up so much in the crowd of the leather…

You don’t notice it at first but once you do you can’t take your eyes of…and you wonder

how the hell could you overlook it in the first place?

Kent Miller Quartet- My Little Suede Shoes

Gabrielle Tranchina-Bossa Ballad And Blue

Mel Henke-In A Mist

Carlos Jobim- O Grande Amour

Bill Evans-Very Early


Laura Ainsworth- The Man I Love Is Gone

James Spencer-Easy Living

Jack Sheldon-Julie Is Her Name

Marty Paich-Look Around

Mel Lewis Quintet-Grey Flannel

Art Pepper-These Foolish things


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