Cocktail Nation 478 Spyvibe-UFO

Back this week it’s Jason Whiton from talking all thing sixties spies and this week UFO’s are involved

Coming up a look at the Lounge Life Magazine, World of Swank gig guide plus the best lounge from across the globe.

Nutty -She Said -She Shed

Sally Street-When In Rome

Barry Gray-UFO

SG Sound-A Latin Affair

Don Ralke-Voodoo Priestess

Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack- I Dream Of Jeanie

Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova

James Morrison-The Master Plan

Elmer Bernstein-Jazz At Waldos

Roland Remington -Martinique

Robert Hicks-Bongo Fever

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Taboo

Tubby Hayes-Love Walked In

Monica Mancini-The Weekend Of A Private Secretary

Nick Perito-Miserlou

Metropole Orchestra – Oss117 Theme

Warren Wolf-Frankie And Johnny