Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-The Social Fixer

Do you find certain aspects of scoiety particularly distasteful, maybe a bit annoying, well Koop has some suggestions as to how to remove these distractions!


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Tiki Delights-Simply, Be Mine

Rachel Caswell -Aguea De Beber

Mancini-Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Barbara Levy Daniels- But Beautiful

Jeff Denson Quartet-A Thought That Lingers

Combustible Edison-Cry Me A River

Diana Krall-The Look Of Love

Beegie Adair-Mona Lisa

Adam Smalle-She Knows Me

Mike Bardash-Late In The Game

Janice Borla Group -Midnight Voyage

Jackie Gleason-Lawrence Of Arabia

Ake Johandson- Like Someone In Love