Cocktail Nation 481 A Foggy Day

A brand new artist this week, a man called Richard Lennox stops by to talk about his new album called a Foggy Day, we take a look at a never before JFK speech has been brought to life and how about a tour of 1966 Gotham city, i’ll let you know how

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Tiki Torches-Kava Kons Palace Of The Tiger

Gregg Arthur-More And More

Richard Lennox-Bewitched

Ernestine Anderson-It Don’t Mean A Thing

Seth Macfarlane-I’m Glad There Is You

Octobop-I’ll Take Romance

Joey Altruda-The Knockaround

Alien Fashion Show-Rocket 95

Mary Stallings-I Love Being Here With You

Robert Drasnin-Siren Song

Brett Laidler-Meet Me At The Havana Hilton

Bobby Darin-Look At Me

Tiki Lounge Crew-Bikini Bambini

Frank Sinatra-I’m Gonna Live Till I Die

Hugo Montenegro-Goldfinger

Jetset Sweden- A Shot In The Dark

Acca Daquiries-Witchcraft