Cocktail Nation  483 John Eric Booth 


I’ve got a new artist to introduce to you this week, a man by the name of John Eric Booth, the passings of two greats, one of the vintage scene and a famous musician. We find some great events for you to attend in our World Of Swank Gig Guide and read out some emails via Dear Koop

Joey Altruda -Electro Vox Rhumba

Daniel Pemberton-Mission Rome

John Eric Booth-Girl Talk

Dave Pell Octet-You

Buddy Greco-You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me

Jimmy Psycho -One Step Beyond 

Out Of Abingdon-Two Buttons

Piero Piccioni-Keep Running

Audrey Morris -April Fool

Hans Karl-The Golden Frame

Christopher De Groot-Jungle Assassin

Tony Bennett-With Plenty Of Money and You

Mancini-Alright Okay You Win

Sammy Davis Jr Too Close For Comfort

Ixtahuele-Temple Of The Snake God

Chet Baker-It’s Always You

Bobby Darin-Feeling Good

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.52.33 pm