The Night Frank Sinatra Died

It was on this day twenty years ago I was sitting in my first radio studio, it was a Tuesday night and I was hosting a late night jazz show.

The playlist was ready, the lights were so low I could clearly see into the car park, just outside the studio window as my Turquoise and White 1960 FB Holden awaited my return in three hours for a cruise home.

In those days a radio announcer had to plan for any request or change of show direction so it was common for me to travel with more records and cds than I needed, which was fortunate that night because as the 9pm news came on it was then I heard the news that my favourite singer in the world had passed and the world suddenly felt darker, sadder and lonelier. It was a weird feeling of sadness in the studio that night as I spun Sinatra tunes all night long and took phone calls live on the air from other shocked fans.

There are moments in time when you remember just where you were and what you were doing when big news occurs and I am thankful I was on the radio that night.

Thanks for the music Frank.