Cocktail Nation  492- Mosh Pits And Mai Tais


This week on the show Jimmy Psycho stops by to talk about his new album Mosh Pits and Mai Tais and Koop brings the positive and negative of a film he just saw.

Codename Carter-perfect Clarity Perfect Cut

Kenny Sasaki-A Night Of Ghosts 

Jimmy Psycho-Holiday in Cambodia

Bob Thompson-The Best Thing For You

Janet Seidel-Tres Palabas

Arthur Lyman-Sim Sim

James Spencer-Rush Hour In Hong Kong

Halford Jet Set- Tema De Anna

Tikiyaki Orchestra- Mai Tais On The Moon

Daniel Pemberton The Investigator                 

Nelson Riddle-Naked City Theme

Creed Taylor Orchestra-The Nervous Beat

John Barry Orchestra-Underground Lair

Nick Perito-Miserlou

Quincy Jones-Soul Bossa Nova

Four Piece Suit-Shooting The Breeze