Cocktail Nation 496 Critiki

This week we find out about the best place to source your tiki venue…a little like a Yelp for Tiki and speaking of Tiki it’s an all Exotica show this week plus look at the world of Swank Gig Guide and lounge life magazine

Tikiyaki Orchestra – Taboo

Waitiki-China Fan

James Spencer -MysteriousJade Temple Of Dahkla


Robert Drasnin-Anna May Wong

Alika Lyman Group- Pua Lillia

Tiki Delights-Sandy Samba

Les Baxter-Oasis Of Dahkla

Milt Raskin-Blue Eyes

Combustible Edison -Theme From Tiki Wonder Hour

King Kukulele-Carrying A Tiki Torch For You

Kenny Sasaki -China Girl

Martin Denny Quiet Village

Christopher De Groot-Voodoo Clues