Voiceovers By The Pool

One of the things that has amazed me about the speed that technology moves is the fact you can do your job anywhere in the world and all you need is an internet connection.

Ofcourse we all know that it’s also necessary to have a job at the end of that internet connection, a way of generating an income.

My name is Koop Kooper and I am a voice over talent, podcaster,syndicated radio host, and writer.

Most of my listeners know that I am based in Sydney but what they wouldn’t always know is that sometimes I broadcast from overseas and around the country whilst on location for either holiday or even professional jobs such as my radio consulting business.

Thanks to technology and the amazing ability of USB microphones such as Apogee Mic Plus I am able to take my show on the road.

And it’s not just the show, but also my professional voiceover jobs for movies, tv and radio. Thankfully today many jobs in the voiceover field are done via uploads to FTP servers which really makes the possibility of being a Digital Nomad even more likely.

I’m yet to take to the road full time but at some stage in the future I would like to and at this stage I have enough work to do that however some agencies I work for prefer to have you in the studio to direct scripts which quite possibly will always be a reality.

That said the tide is slowly changing. It’s an amazing time in which we live.

For those who are wondering what technical hiccups can occur, well being a broadcaster, sound is of vital importance and this can be interrupted by a noisy hotel room, bad acoustics can be problematic but can be fixed using clothes hung in the right place and even using the wardrobe. One of the biggest hurdles I have come across is patchy internet that can be unreliable and sometimes slow. My best advice on this is to purchase a local internet wireless pre paid account rather than using the hotel wifi.

Apart from those small hurdles it’s relatively easy to be a radio or voiceover digital nomad!