Cocktail Nation 499 Get Smart

Mr Jason Whiton is on the show this week to talk spys from his website with a look at the TV series Get Smart,I thought musically we will focus on spy fi and crime music for the show for a bit of fun, we talk Batman and I’ve got a story of a missing Bond car for you.

Daniel Pemberton-The Actual Heist

Barry Adamson-The Big Bamboozle

Barbara Feldman-99

Melbourne Ska Orchestra- Get Smart Theme

Alex Kashkin-Mister Bond

Hugo Montenegro -Slaughter on Tenth Ave

Codename Carter-High Altitude -Low Opening

Bruno Nicolai- Spy Chase

Combustible Edison -Spy Vs Spy

Hollywood Fim Music Orchestra-Fab Chick

Moonrays-Run Spy Run

Cosy Cole- Topsy Part 2

Si Zentner-From Russia With Love

Spy Fi-Batman Theme

Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova

Tiki Lounge Crew- Italian Surf Mob

The Secret Agents-James Bond Theme

John Barry- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service